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Back up your website with professional IT support

Practically, everyone and everything in this world is trying tirelessly to get into the virtual space. Since internet has brought the world at the end of a click, it has become easier than ever to take your business to a global audience.  However, how can you display your services, offerings, innovation etc. in front of a large audience? The answer is pretty simple; you can do so by getting online. A website is the most effective way to give your business a place in the virtual world so that it can get a glance from every web-savvy being out there. A number of firms providing small business IT support in Sydney have expertise in making and maintaining websites.

It might sound simple; however, a lot of technical expertise is required to come up with a website that can face the diversified challenges put up by this tech-savvy world. It is for this reason that IT support in Sydney is being widely sought to get scalable websites. A business IT support in Sydney would offer these web services:

1)    Domain: A website domain plays a very crucial role in determining its appeal and effect on the masses. You need to have a domain name that is catchy and at the same time that gives you a global platform to perform on. The best suited domain is definitely the one that ends with .com as it seems to lasts longer with the viewers due to its popularity. You can get full domain support i.e. from its selection to its registration from many managed IT services in Sydney.

2)    Web Design: The look and feel of your website is as important as its functionality. The web design should be such that it is appealing to the eyes, creative in its approach and yet simplistic when it comes to its functioning. With effective business IT support in Sydney, you can chalk out a suitable plan for your website. 

3)    Web Maintenance: Simply hosting a website is not enough; it needs to be maintained too. For a website to get business, it is important for it to have a high ranking in the search engine results.  Simply getting your existing website SEO optimized can affect your business significantly. Many software are available that help your website to perform better and get better search engine results. Custom software support in Sydney can help you in maintaining your website for a longer and smoother run.

4)    Web Hosting: This is a very valuable service for firms that have limited and restricted resources available for their website. Moreover, depending upon the type of website and the traffic that it generates, the hosting needs change dramatically. For example, image heavy websites load slower and hence, can reduce the consumer experience. With effective IT support, this website too can be helped to load faster.

Phillips IT is one of the leading IT support in Sydney CBD. It provides end-to-end solutions to businesses keen on having their own websites. Apart from website development they are also known for computer support and cloud computing in Sydney.

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Cloud – A smart way to build an IT infrastructure

For effective data management and business operations, a fully functional IT system is of utmost importance. However, setting up an IT system and expand it with the increasing business requirements can be a costly ordeal. Requiring significant amount of space, capital and skilled man power; an IT system can be demanding in many ways. While it is easier for the big firms and multi-national corporations to afford a hi-tech and fully competent infrastructure, it can be a bothersome expense for micro and small business enterprises. Hence, cloud computing has emerged as a valuable IT support in Sydney.

Cloud computing allows an organization to create a network on line that can be used to share services, process and data as and when required. This is of high value for micro and small scale businesses that have limited space and investments. If you do not wish to hire an in-house IT team, then relying on cloud computing is a very wise option. A number of firms providing small business IT support in Sydney offer substantial cloud services to their clients.

What makes a cloud service so valuable?

1)    Back up: Data is probably the back bone of any business. Your consumer base, business history, transactions etc. are highly valuable and losing such precious information can up root the entire business structure. With cloud service, you can back up your data without having the need of a physical storage device of storage site. The system can also be programmed to automatically back up your data periodically to a hosted server. This allows easy transfer of data to the cloud in the event of a disaster. Such managed IT services in Sydney have gained immense value.

2)    Cloud Computer: It is probably one of the most commonly used cloud service in the world. Having a cloud computer is basically having access to your local device or computer from anywhere in the world. Linking the data on your local device to the cloud can allow you to use, access and edit applications, data etc. at anytime from anywhere.

3)    Cloud Recovery: With cloud service in place, you cannot only back up your data but also save it from a disaster and recover it when needed.  The data hosted virtually can be quickly relayed to other data centres and locations for a safe storage.

4)    Hosting and Co-location: With cloud computing, you can use a server hosted by your service provider to host your servers and data. All this virtual data is then re-directed to a physical data centre that could be at your office or at a different location. You can also use softwares hosted online without having the need to maintain it. IT firms widely provide such custom software in Sydney.

Phillips IT has been providing IT support in Sydney CBD since the past 15 years. The firm has continuously evolved its functioning to match pace with the current business needs and today, is known for its exceptional computer support as well as cloud computing in Sydney.

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It’s time to make a big difference to your small business

The world has undergone a rapid transformation with the advent of technology and that has changed our perception of conducting businesses and providing services. Today, a business is run by hi-tech machinery, data bases and servers. While these have definitely reduced the need for human labour, handling such complicated systems effectively has become an inevitable challenge for every enterprise. It should be noted that not being able to maintain this IT infrastructure can cost your business a fortune in terms of time and money. Understanding this, business enterprises are increasingly showing an inclination towards small business IT support in Sydney.

Factors that make an ideal IT partner:

1)    Managing current infrastructure:

An ideal IT partner would be the one that can understand your current IT infrastructure and work to pump it up to its maximum efficiency. There are many managed IT services in Sydney that provide flexible solutions to your diversified IT needs. With these competent solutions, you can easily transform your current incompetent IT infrastructure into an impeccable one.

2)    Cost-effective support:

It does not require a special mention that budget is the biggest determining factor when it comes to hiring a service. Hence, it is important to get effective as well as economical solutions to your IT needs. There are many firms that offer customized IT support in Sydney as well as pay-as-you-go support. This is of great value for small businesses that do not have an in-house tech team.

3)    Pro-active support:

A stitch in time saves nine. This saying stands firm even in the business world. When an IT system collapses, your entire business comes to a stagnant halt. It can takes hours, days and even weeks for you to come back on track. Just imagine all the losses that you could incur? Hence, it is important to have a service that can identify and tackle the issues while they are still in the bud. Small business IT support in Sydney provides pro-active IT monitoring and maintenance. 

4)    Understanding Business:

It is important that your IT service provider knows and understand the way your business functions. An understanding of the business helps to identify what the ideal IT infrastructure for your set up should be like. Depending upon the business requirement you can get computer support or cloud computing in Sydney. Some firms also offer custom software in Sydney that blends with the existence IT network effortlessly.

Phillips IT is an information technology specialist in Sydney that has been providing IT solutions to the mini, small and medium business enterprises since the past 15 years. It became a Microsoft certified partner in the year 2002 and specializes in Microsoft Silver Midmarket Solutions. With expert solutions and economical rates, Phillips IT has emerged as the leader when it comes to providing IT support in Sydney CBD. They have a loyal client base throughout greater Sydney. Phillips IT also outsources its services to national as well as international clients who need IT support and expertise locally.



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Why You Need Server Specialists

Have you experienced problems with your server lately? It is estimated that one in every three businesses in Sydney experience server problems which results in loss of business. While most big businesses that use a number of servers may have a dedicated team of their own to manage the load, backup and other aspects of running a server, this approach is not practical for most small and medium businesses. That said there are many small and medium businesses that rely on their servers to perform a number of tasks but without server specialists at their side, they run the risk of experiencing lots of down time if there is a problem. So, this is where our specialists come in.


Server specialists

At Phillips IT, we specialize in working with all types of servers. So, regardless of if you have a Linux server, or one running Windows we can help to maintain and ensure that it runs flawlessly. It really goes without saying that running a server is often a difficult and complicated task. There are so many things that can go wrong and not having a specialist continuously monitoring, updating and fixing minor issues means that you will run into big problems all of a sudden. This is why our team of specialists continue to monitor your servers, and arrive at your office when there is a problem so that you suffer from little or no downtime.


Setting up and troubleshooting

As server specialists in Sydney we specialize in everything from setting up a brand new server, connecting everything to it so that you can start operating it, to troubleshooting errors and various other problems. We understand the fact that the first step to ensuing that your chances of experiencing server errors or problems is to get it setup by a team of professionals the first time around. This is why if  you are in the process of buying a server we can help you get it setup when you make the purchase (of course you can purchase the server from Phillips IT as well giving you only one point of contact for your IT needs). We can troubleshoot various errors or problems that you may be experiencing with a server already setup in your office based on the type of load and work that it handles. There is no server problem that we cannot fix and there is no server system that is too complex for us to handle. So, you can be rest assured that we will handle everything for you in an efficient and timely manner. To know more visit http://www.phillipsit.com.au

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Your IT Consultants & IT Maintenance


Every business from that small coffee house down the street to an international advertising agency, needs to know that they can rely on their computers to perform without a hitch. However, even the most well thought of and designed network of computers can at times be problematic. While some computer systems may suffer from small outages others can suffer from a crippling cyber attack because their firewalls were not properly configured or because the network’s software was not up to date. At Phillips IT, our job as IT consultants and IT maintenance professionals is to make sure that your computers never go dark and in the event it does, we make sure that its fixed with the minimum of downtime suffered by your business.


Experienced professionals

At Phillips IT we have been providing IT maintenance and consultation for a very long time. Over the years we have grown our team with some of the most competent and talented young people in the industry. This allows us to help almost every business in Sydney regardless of the problem they may be facing. We are also able to work in order to ensure that your computers continue to function by preventing potential outages and cyber attacks. This helps to save you time, money and frustration.


Support both in the cloud and at your office

As the leading IT consultants and IT maintenance experts we have the ability to provide you with top of the line IT support both in the cloud as well as in your office. We can ensure that your servers, firewalls, mobile devices, WiFi, computers and everything else in house is functioning as it should. We also check virtualization, consolidation, and redundancy of all your systems. In addition, we run a thorough diagnostic on your cloud hosted servers and desktops, check your cloud services to ensure its available and to help recover from disasters via a backup/Disaster Recovery system in the shortest period of time. Our state of the art IT monitoring services ensures that your cloud services, internet and servers are all running optimally so your business never has to suffer from downtime.


No system too complex for us to handle

We have over the years handled just about any and all IT systems professionally and without a hiccup. Our team of experts ensure that regardless of the complexity of your IT systems we can ensure that its configured optimally as well as recover from data loss and from other issues in a short period of time. Though some problems can be more complex and time consuming we still make sure that it’s handled in the best possible way. To know more visit http://www.phillipsit.com.au

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Computer Support Specialists

Computers are the future of business, this is a statement that’s more relevant today than ever before. Today, every business relies on their computer to either handle transactions, run accounting software or keep track of their security. So, when the computer system breaks down, it can cause the business to effectively go dark, which means that there is no money being made. Perhaps this is the reason why businesses both small and large need to invest and in fact they do invest heavily in high quality computer support, like the type we offer here at Phillips IT.

Computer support professionals

Phillips IT has been providing high quality computer support to businesses of all sizes and types for many years. We have a strong reputation for only having the very best and most professional support people that money can buy. So, the result is that our clients enjoy uninterrupted up time for their whole office’s computer systems, servers and network. Plus we can talk them through any number of issues if the problem needs to be fixed right away. As professionals our job is to save you from losing time and mounting frustration by ensuring that your computers continue to perform flawlessly as well as to help you through times when they break down.

We can be at your office in no time

We are professional computer support people and as such we know that there are many problems that can only be fixed if we are there physically. This is why we always have a team of professionals ready to pay you a visit when something goes wrong. Our computer support is manned by people who have been doing this for over a decade. So, there is no computer system or problem that they are unable to understand or fix for that matter. Regardless, of if there is a configuration issue, virus or a cyber attack we are here to help you every step of the way.

Get yourself iron clad computer support

If you, like all other businesses, rely heavily on your computer system to be running at all times then you should invest in quality computer support. As one of the leading computer support professionals we ensure that your computers are constantly running, whether it is a complete network of over dozens of computers and mobile devices or just two laptops at your office. We also make sure that your computers are constantly updated with the latest patches and software version so that you suffer from fewer glitches caused by conflicts.  To know more visit http://www.phillipsit.com.au

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Cloud Computing – Benefits

Cloud computing has been around for a very long time. However, it is only lately that the technology has become something for everyone. Today, cloud computing happens to be the most fundamental of features that most businesses require to run a number of their operations more efficiently. That said, running a cloud or administering a cloud is a difficult and complicated task to say the least. Now with clouds holding terabytes of data, the slightest mishap or lack of a backup system in place can send the whole business into a tailspin. At Phillips IT, we specialize in all things cloud computing related, regardless of if you are a small or medium sized business owner.


Why our cloud computing service?


Cloud is a term that encompasses running a number of services online without having them installed on your local computer. One instance of this is the various applications that Google offers that can be accessed directly via your web browser. Though it makes things a lot simpler, the chances that something may go wrong if you are a business are high if the right precautionary steps are not taken or the right solutions are not deployed. At Phillips IT we have been providing cloud computing services in the Sydney CBD for over 15 years. We have the ability to provide both SMB’s and micros with enterprise grade technology, this allows for businesses to save money by not having to invest heavily in support costs, maintenance and initial capital expense.


We offer an array of services


At Phillips IT our team of specialists can provide you with a number of business services which are tailored to your specific needs. Our customised solutions are designed to help you save time and money by leveraging the full power of a cloud system. However, the best thing to do is to start with discussing what you need with us. This is just so that we understand what your business is all about and then come up with a solution that works best for you in every way. We have helped dozens of businesses in the past, this is why we advise that you save time and money by using the cloud.


Taking advantage of cloud computing is the best way to minimize overhead for medium/small businesses and startups. As one of the leading experts you can trust us to deliver the right solutions based on what will work best for you. To book an appointment and speak to our experts feel free to call us during business hours at 02 8262 9900. You can also send an email to info@phillipsit.com and we will make it a point to get in touch with you as soon as possible. To know more visit http://www.phillipsit.com.au